Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I just got off the phone with a friend who called me "freaking out" about the direction her heart was going.  Pouting her passion for a life she's afraid to live, she tearfully walked me through elements of her upbringing, a recent debacle of a match made somewhere south of heaven and the realization that no one knows that the girl who has it all together is, in fact, falling apart at the seams. 

In these "freak out" times, it's easy to think that everything really is falling apart.  That you're selfish and rebellious for asking questions that go against the things your parents taught you.  That your religion is giving way to the Nothing that feeds on your hopes and dreams.

But the TRUTH is, these are the moments when Holy Spirit is shaking things up, tearing things down, removing the stranglehold of religion.  It is the space between your comfort zone and God's will that thunders and strikes within the soul. In these spaces new perspectives are formed as God kneels down and looks us straight in the eyes, asking us a question.  "Will you hold onto what you've been taught and the comfort you've found in the midst of chaos or will you turn round and release yourself to do what pleases me?"

He is very patient to wait for the answer.

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