Thursday, December 2, 2010

And the journey continues...

In the time that I've been away from my precious blog, I have traveled deeper into the heart of wisdom.  There is something so magical about receiving a new revelations on ancient truths. Let me share with you what I've learned.


The church has been deceived.
The church continues to be deceived because the church's primary focus is worship of grace through Jesus Christ, rather than worship of Yahweh through Yahshuah.
The church is steeped in its idolatry called "churchianity" (borrowed word) and is powerless to heal the sick, raise the dead, powerless to open blind eyes and unstop deaf ears and many greater things Yahshuah promised believers would do after his ascension.
The church can only regain this power by eschewing idolatry, humbling itself and returning to its roots in the Jewish understanding, interpretation and practice of the word of G_d.


I have only brushed the dust off of the surface that has yet to be scratched of the amazements G_d has yet to reveal.
My knowledge comes, largely from men whom I have never met, many of them Jewish, who hold these same beliefs and have been teaching them for many years.
My knowledge of scripture pertaining to the aforementioned truths is growing, but limited.  I require much more study to show myself approved unto G_d, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
Articulating what I have learned with compassion is yet a struggle, as my  zeal often overtakes my sensitivity.


This is not a new faith wave or trend in preaching styles.  This is the pure basic truth that we can see throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelation.  Yahweh, chose a people, Israel, to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Throughout history His people worshiped idols and forgot G_d.  In His infinite love, G_d intended to bring those outside of His chosen people into the sheepfold and make them a part of His kingdom. Throughout history non-Jews have worshiped idols and forgotten G_d.

Yahweh wants us to return to His original intent, to live and worship according to His original plan.
The first step to doing that is to recognize that Yahshuah (whom we call Jesus) came to free us from the penalty of our sin, not for salvation's sake, but to bring us into right standing with Yahweh, to bring us into right relationship with our creator.

The second step is acknowledge that Christianity is the child of Judaism.  The first believers in Yahshuah were Jews.  Yahsuah came to fulfill the law, not to render it null and void. We cannot allow satan's plan, to use Yahshuah as a barrier between Christians and Jews, to succeed. Leaving behind the label of Christianity to be followers of Yahshuah and casting off the straitjacket of Judaism to be Jews who follow Yahshuah is key to seeing the power of G_d released to mend families, answer unanswerable questions, reconcile the races inside and outside of the walls of the church, heal disease, provide for the widow and the orphan, stop physical and sexual abuse, eradicate child slavery and sex trafficking, toss away materialism and greed, deliver tormented and suicidal minds, transform trifling men into kings and pathetic women into queens, unlock financial, agricultural, medical, and other resources from tyrannical governments, etc. The list is unending.  So is the light of Yahshuah (G_d is our saviour).

For eight days, the consecrated oil burned in the tabernacle when the Maccabees cleansed the house of G_d from idols that had corrupted that holy place. That is why Chanukah, the feast of dedication, is celebrated.  Yahshuah, himself, celebrated this wonderful event.  Yahshuah is the everlasting light that points us to the Father. He is the new beginning, the promise of abundance. As you pray and study, I pray that this will be your time of a new beginning, a time of renewal whose origin is a time before time began, when YHWH hovered over the face of the deep.  He hovers over us now.  What will be your response?  Here is mine.

Sh'ma Yis'ra'eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad.
V'ahav'ta eit Adonai Elohekha b'khol l'vav'kha uv'khol naf'sh'kha uv'khol m'odekha.

Hear, Israel. The Lord is our God, the Lord is one.
And you shall love the Lord, your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.

Blessings unto you.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

He loves me not...

No pics, no quips, just pissed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In a Moment

The Lord spoke to me.  This is what He said:

See, I have this day set you
Over the nations and over the
To root out and to pull down
To destroy and to throw down,
To build and to plant.
-Jeremiah 1:10

A while ago I posted about being deceived. God, in a few moments, had revealed and removed a dark cloud over me that was heavy with lies and deceit. What freedom!  But for what purpose was I freed?  For what assignment has He been preparing me?  In another moment, God revealed and restored the call that I first heard when I was in high school.  My very good friend, DMcGee had invited me to her church.  It was a very small gathering of white folks who love Jesus.  And here, these two little black girls wanted to be a part.  I don't remember the sermon, but at the end we held hands in a circle to pray.  In a moment, I was surrounded, hands laid upon me, and a voice of a gray-haired lady said, "You will be a trumpet for God."

DMcGee and I have talked about that day only a few times.  Few people even know it occurred. But God did not forget what He spoke.  God did not forsake the workmanship of His hands, even if I, like a lost bird, got off course. The pain I felt for all those years, was nothing but a homing signal to put me back on course, to return me to the heart of God.

In a moment, God showed me that the fiery part of me, even though it is bright and all-consuming, is only a small part of me.  I am more like the very earth from which I was formed. I've tried to be something else for a long time, but now I'm embracing myself the way God made me.

No wonder I love so many things that come from the earth.  No wonder I have a heart for foreign lands. From the rustic to the glamorous, from herbs and dark wood to truffles and jewels.  I love the things of the earth.  The name I chose for my first child has earth in it for crying out loud! God uses words in this scripture that move my innards and inspire joy rather than tears. Jeremiah had a rough time of things. It cannot easy being a prophet of destruction, but if you look beyond the wrath and desolation, you'll see that God only wants His people to return to Him, to tune in to his signal and get back on course, to stay rooted and grounded in Him and allow Him to nourish them with His overwhelming love.

 I gladly yield to the potter's hand as He shapes His clay.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is CRAZY, but I simply had to post it.  "Dhani's List".  There is a little bit of vulgarity, but it's worth it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Epiphany 1- Not Quite Fabulous

1.a Christian festival, observed onJanuary 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to thegentiles in the persons of the Magi; Twelfth-day
2. an appearance or manifestation, esp. of a deity.
3. a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by somesimple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.
4. a literary work or section of a work presenting, usually symbolically, such a moment of revelation and insight.

I recently experienced an epiphany of the third kind.  I had a sudden insight into a deeper meaning of something when my very homely, commonplace, un-fabulous radio broke. I bought it for my work area to make my clients feel more comfortable.  Because it wasn't a necessity, I thought that 20 bucks was the max I would spend.  Two months later the antenna broke. Three or four months later the CD player stopped playing.  Now, I can't even get talk radio station to come in clear!  So, I have to buy a whole new radio.  Not fabulous.

My epiphany was this: I have a responsibility to fully embody my role as a ruler in God's kingdom, as a co-heir with Christ, especially when it comes to how I handle money. I have a responsibility to be fabulous.

During the downest of down economies this generation has seen,  God has prospered me financially.  When many people are unemployed, I have a job that pays well, that I enjoy and is close to home.  When many people are being laid off, downsized or otherwise disposed of, I got a 4% raise.  When many people are fearing how they will pay their bills, I am starting a business and expecting great profit.

Why, then, am I afraid to spend money on myself?  Now I don't mean for frivolous pursuits.  But when I need something, why do I always get what is cheaper and of less quality and will end up wearing out and needing to be replaced?  Why do I put off things that need to be done with my money that will enhance my life and ministry and choose to put my money toward things that only slow me down and sap my energy? 

I do believe that my family was generationally cursed in the area of finances, on both sides, my parents come from people who lived through the Great Depression and came out depressed and oppressed.  Being set free from that curse, I now must live victoriously with my finances.  That means the underlying fear that there won't be enough and that no more is coming must be cast out by the knowledge that God's love for me won't let me be without what I need and that His unique call on my life is for wealth and abundance.

I have a right and responsibility to be fabulous.  My brand of fabulousness may be different from everyone else's, but like anyone else's, it is undeniable.  So today, I commit to stop denying my right to be fabulous!

My spirit declares freedom from lack and debt.  My spirit declares abundance and wealth for His glory.  My spirit declares my future generations to walk in even greater freedom and abundance, believing God for His riches in heaven to be made manifest for them on earth.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How does one make a list of the events that changed one's life?  I'm sure I could, but then this wouldn't be a blog as much as a diary.  I'm not even sure how to articulate all the new thoughts, attitudes and perspectives that have developed in my experience.  I can say that the love of God has washed me anew.  The gospel of the kingdom is more real to me now than ever before.  Faith is now a substance and an evidence in my life.  All of this because, the Holy Spirit has baptized me into victorious thinking, speaking and living.


I used to mean/ didn't care 'bout a thing/ living for me and all of my needs
I was self-serving yet desperate and hurting/in need to be
Not the same
No, No, No
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Jesus has changed me
Not the same

Oooo, it's all for you/all that I am/all that I do
I've given into life-giving truth/I've come to believe/ I can be new
You took all my sin/gave peace within/took all my doubt
Assured me of Him, now

He's now why I live
My life is His!

Not the same
No, No, No
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Jesus has changed me 
Not the same

-Not the Same, recorded my Crystal Lewis

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

                                  -Peter Laar, former Prime Minister of Estonia

Monday, May 10, 2010

For the last several weeks, I've been on autopilot.  It's too hard to think and resolution is far away.  It's easier to be lazy and to procrastinate to hope that abundant living happens on accident or by osmosis.  I'm hungry.  I'm tired.  I'm still trying to hope and thinking that the enemy has a tighter grip on my mind than I ever gave him credit for. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

This weekend, hearts were exploding.  Two families melted into each other like coffee and cream.  Fountains of tears and romance gushed over our lives.  

Like fireworks, two people's love and devotion to God and to each other lit up the sky and with pressure and force and heat, causing a colorful combustion of beauty that the world desperately longs to see.  

Unlike fireworks that are soon ended and fizzle into smoke and ashes after the last sonic boom, this marriage of powder and flame will never die, never fall to the ground as a spent ember.  No, it will shine brightly as a mythic star set in the heavens by the gods of man's oldest tales. 

Congratulations to my dearest friend and my brother from another mother.  I love you so much it hurts.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can we all Salsa for Jesus?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. From our first knowledge of time, God did something. He created. He moved. He spoke. He saw. He divided. He called. He spoke again.  From the beginning, God always acted.  Add to this the pressure of a world system based on works and growing up in a household driven by performance and you've got a recipe for schizophrenia.

Perhaps God, knowing how easily we would take on the mantle of human doing, instructs us to be like Christ.  Christ, who simply showed up.  He did not break forth into earth like a homesteader charging toward a claim. And they were mad at Him for that. He simply arrived and seemingly floated through history, even while on the cross, simply receiving upon himself the punishment of the entire world.

Learning to be a human being is proving to be one of the greatest struggles of my life.   Is it okay for me to just sit back and do nothing?  To not think about it?  Christ often escaped the daily pull of His mission in a distant corner of a mountain or some other quiet place, to pray, to reconnect with His father, to just do nothing. If He did only what He saw His father do, then He must have learned how to rest from God.  There was a whole lotta goin' on in the beginning.  But before all that, God was.  He simply existed and communed with His doggone self!  So, I'm going to do nothing but accept and be.

Imma be, Imma be, Imma, Imma, Imma be
Imma be, Imma be, Imma, Imma, Imma be
Imma be, Imma be, Imma, Imma, Imma be

Imma be be be, Imma, Imma be
Imma be be be, Imma, Imma be
Imma be be be, Imma, Imma be

Imma be, Imma be, Imma be, Imma be
Imma be living that good life, Imma be living that good good

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breakdown or Breakthrough?

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. 'Which road do I take?' she asked. His response was a question: 'Where do you want to go?' 'I don't know,' Alice answered. 'Then,' said the cat, 'it doesn't matter.' - Lewis Carrol

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gettin' busy

Ahhh, he's back.

The new season of Dhani Tackles the Globe begins tonight at 11 on the Travel Channel.  If you know me and you don't know who this man is by now, well... we probably just met.

Hey, I look at it like this. Katie Holmes said when she was a little girl, it was her dream to grow up and marry Tom Cruise.  Well, if little Katie's dream can come true, then why can't mine?!

So here's some motivation.  A great man needs an even greater woman.  Isaac was able to fall in love with a woman he'd only just met because she (Rebecca) was Fabulous! Okay?  Genesis 24 tells us that Rebecca was beautiful, industrious, kind hearted, a giver, devoted to God , a forward thinker, shrewd, properly positioned and did I mention beautiful?  Interestingly enough, Rebecca's name in Hebrew means a knotted cord, to bind, CAPTIVATING.

Reading the book, Captivating: The Unveiling of a Woman's Soul changed my life and started me on an amazing journey to true godly womanhood in a way that no other self-help book has ever been able to do. Sure, it's easy to say, I wish Dhani Jones would be my husband.  It's easy to dream of being his wife.  It's much harder to shed the old Stacey and put on the new Stacey that is captivating enough to be tied to such a man.  Marriage is like a spiritual three-legged race.  Two partners wrap a cord around their legs, binding themselves together, so that every move they make must be calculated, in synch.  They must surrender to each other and move from start to finish line as one if they intend to win the race.  It's insane, but so absolutely   great. So all this to say,  I was never the last kid picked when playing sports or games.  In fact, I was often the first to do the picking because I was fast, and strong and taller than everybody else, so some of the kids were just plain scared of me. lol  But if I were in the line up now and Dhani was captain, would he pick me first to be on his dodgeball team or would I be standing there in the dust twiddling my fingers in the outfield waiting for a big red ball to hit me in the head?

Now, I have no idea if it's in God's plan for me to run a season of my race as Mrs. Stacey D. Jones, but I do know that it is His plan for me to be a woman who is thoroughly enthralling, inescapably captivating. So I better get busy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Being Inimitable

"Nobody can imitate me. You can always see impersonations of Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. But not me.  Because I've always drawn on myself only."
                                                                                                                -The inimitable Joan Crawford

Photo courtesy of

For some, the biggest challenge of this generation could be figuring out our health care system or stemming an already out of control energy crisis.  For others, healing the effects of natural devastation in faraway lands or bringing child trafficking to a screeching halt may be the largest hurdles of our time.  But for me, the greatest undertaking of the next several decades will be learning to be me.  

The power to draw on one's own sense of self  for innovation, creativity, pride of place, and sheer "fabulosity" is one not easily attained.  It requires not settling for mediocre, conquering the enemy called average, becoming an overcomer by embracing the Mt. Fuji's in our way.  It requires surrendering the selfishness of mind that keeps one from accepting the truth of heart.  

Daily, I remind myself of the things that are holding me back, keeping me from achieving, from advancing.  I need to stop doing that.  I need start calling out the things that make me a show stopper, the elements of Stacey that make me indispensable, influential, and magnetic.  

I wanna be that chick. That chick that everybody looks at and says, "Unh.  Look at her...she think she all dat."  "She think she somebody."  Hell, yeah!  I think I'm somebody!  Doesn't everybody want to be somebody?  The sad truth is, no.  Not everybody wants to be more than satisfactory, more than okay, more than good enough. Not everybody wants to stand out of the crowd, stop traffic or draw admirers like the IRS to a fat check. 

That's why, my dears, there is so much room at the top.  That's why the Joan Crawfords and the Sophia Lorens and the Lola Falanas of the world are in their own fabulous world all to themselves. People want to be like them, but cannot because they are not.  They want to be fabulous, but cannot because they're afraid that "they" could never include "me".

Well, I'm done with that crap...

                                  Ain't nobody fly like me
                                  sly like me, smooth like me
                                  sharp like me. 

                      Can't nobody love like me
                                  strut like me, talk like me
                                  rock like me.  

                      Won't nobody lean like me
                                  swing like me, rep like me
                                  bring that like me.

                                  I don't wanna be no wanna be.  

                      I'm just gonna be me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Focus and Fillet of Fish

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Life is like eating fish. You remove the flesh and toss out the bones.

I have been under the impression that every lesson I learn must be immediately and comprehensively applied to my life.  But the light bulb went off today when I understood that I easily get bogged down by too much "truth stimulus".  

A lesson learned today could be for use 20 years from now.  I may be able to use the beginning of the lesson for my present and save the rest for my future. Focus is key.  Yes, there are a million good things I have in me to achieve; but great things need focus to achieve.  

Focus on greatness and God will bring along what's needed to take care of the good.  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some new words to add to the vocabulary of my heart...

Rest - relief or freedom especially from anything that wearies, troubles or disturbs
          a period or interval of inactivity, repose, solitude or tranquility
          a supporting device
          (among the 20 or so definitions here are some of my favorites)
          to relieve weariness by the cessation of exertion or labor
          to be at ease; have tranquility or peace
          to be quiet or still
          to rely; be based or founded
          to be found; belong, reside

Hope - the feeling that what is wanted can be had and will turn out for the best
          to look forward to with desire or reasonable confidence
          to feel that something desired may happen
Expect - from the Latin ex spectare meaning to await
            to look forward to; regard as likely to happen; anticipate the occurring or the coming of 
            to look for with reason or justification 
photo courtesy of
"For I know that thoughts I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.  Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. And I will be found of you, saith the Lord; and I will turn away your captivity..."
                                                   -Jeremiah 29:11-14

Saturday, March 27, 2010

He Wants it All Today

Insignificance is a disregard of God's eternal wisdom and creativity.
Insignificance breeds selfishness.
I am who He made, called and equipped to give all that I have, all that I am back to Him.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you Mrs. A and MJ

Is it possible that I've found my missing link - the lost puzzle piece?
It is becoming clear that the piece was always there.
I just had to turn it around to make it fit.

photo courtesy of mcgpuzzles

Quote of the week

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."
 -Zora Neale Hurston

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An interesting exchange

IG to Dreamlvr: Thought you would enjoy a treatise on fabrics since you are sewing now.  which is your favorite material to work with?  I was devastated when I lost one of my purple cashmere socks.  I searched, and looked, and hunted, and tracked, but never found it.  I enjoy purple. I enjoy cashmere. I enjoy socks.  I'm ecstatic to have all 3 in the same combination.  I guess that puts me in the pornographic art dealing cohort. LOL

Dreamlvr to IG: I'm so sorry you lost your sock.  I know how desperate I felt when I couldn't find one of my vintage black velvet beaded gloves.  I found it, thank God.  Though I'm not sure that I would say that my love of velvet, beading and accessories is pornographic it's certainly very sensual. (I love "s" words for fabric and, sumptuous, seductive, salacious)

I love sensual fabrics, stuff with texture, nap as it's called in the sewing world.  Velvet is one.  I also love brocades, rich, silky, heavy as Austrian curtains. You can hide things in brocade, like secrets in plain sight.  A black on black matte brocade with shiny exotic medallions is what I'll be wearing to AW's wedding.  

I also like cotton sateen and brushed cotton.  You don't see brushed cotton much anymore.  It has a nap like velvet, but it's not as carpet-like.  It's more like how a baby chicken feels, soft and feathery but with a dense look. I had a pair of brushed cotton jeans in red once.  I wore them on stage.  The had even more presence than I did.

Promises, promises...

For a long time, I've felt like something huge was missing from my life.  At first, I thought it was my unfinished education.  Maybe if I had finished college I would have done all the things my heart is yearning for because more opportunities would have been available.  Then I thought it was coming from a household of debtors and growing up to be one.  How can I possibly see success when I owe so many people so much?  More recently, I thought the missing element was my very own personality.  I'm not really who people think I am...I'm shy, often lack confidence and my talents, charisma, insightfulness, etc, are nothing compared to that of some of the people I know.  That's it...I need to be somebody different.  Ha! Well, that wasn't it either.
I was desperate and still am.
My daily scripture reading brought me to Romans 4:3,13  
For What saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteous          ness...For the promise of that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed through the law, but throught the righteousness of faith.

I realized what really is missing.  Among tears and pleas for mercy, I asked God to fill in the missing piece of my life so that I could live my life, "Lord, tell me my promise!"  Abraham received a promise, so did Noah, Moses and  Joseph and David and Joshua and Rahab and Gideon and Mary and everybody!!! An intimate, singular, unforgettable, exchange between God and a chosen person that revealed God's desire and plan for that person whether in detail or vaguely, whether whole or in part is clearly evidenced throughout scripture.  All these people heard their promises at different times, different seasons, in different ways and had different amounts of time to wait before seeing the promise come to pass.
Why, then haven't I received mine?   Has He already told me and I forgot? Could Moses have forgotten his promise? I highly doubt it.  At a moment like that one discovers the power of God what amazing things a person is capable of when he knows that He has a promise from God.  No, I don't think I forgot.  Perhaps, He told me and I wasn't listening.  Possible.  But as I've prayed over and over again for Him to enlighten me again, why do I hear nothing? I'm certain He wants me to know and wouldn't punish me for not being attentive before.
I don't know...I'm tired and I'm tired and I'm tired. I hope that during Passover, when God kept His promise to Israel and established a nation for Himself and an inheritance for me I will finally have the emptiness filled.  Until then, I will believe God and wait.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John 15:1-9

"Being fruitful is the visible expression of God's invisible work inside of us."

The Lord has just revealed to me that I have a tendency to fall back on my intentions to do His will rather than actually doing His will.  A procrastinating spirit will never bear much fruit.  If God is working inside of me, I owe it to Him to display that work in the world, to demonstrate that I am His by following through.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sha alu Shalom Yerushalayim - Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

My new favorite television show...Zola Levitt Presents!

This show was part of a ministry started by the late Zola Levitt, a Jewish Christian who for all intensive purposes, led the modern evangelistic ministry to Jews in America and throughout the world. I vaguely remember having watched this show years and years ago.  I am so glad that God allowed me to rediscover it.  I  have always been fascinated by the old testament, (I've read through the Torah - the first 5 books of Moses- at least 3 times) and am passionate about going to the Holy Land one day.

It is no coincidence that Passover comes at the beginning of Spring. I don't think it is a coincidence that I met and ministered to an Israeli man a couple of weeks ago.  Nor is it a coincidence that as a youngster I chose to demonstrate a Seder ceremony to may foreign language class.

As we enter into Spring and the Passover season, I am so excited to study more about God's wonders, the seven Feasts of Israel, old testament law and its fulfillment in the new testament. I don't know how all these things will tie together, but He has wonderful way of unifying truth and experience. The Exodus story, the Redemption Story...they are one in the same.  This is a celebration that the bible says is eternal and Paul exhorts us, yes, Gentiles, to keep.  The Passover lamb of Egypt is the Passover lamb of God, Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God and Oscar

And the winner has given thanks to the academy, to she who paved the way, to the financiers and lawyers, and the family...Perhaps, God asked, "Where is the love?"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby steps are underrated

This has been a phenomenal week. A lot of little things, seemingly unrelated, combine to move me one step closer.
  • Put stay-stitches and gathers in the bodice of my gorgeous bridesmaid dress
  • Met two prospective clients and encouraged two beautiful women to embrace their natural beauty
  • Ministered peace to an angry heart
  • Led worship at youth service
  • Heard the birds calling to Spring as they pecked the frozen earth
  • Lost 3.3 lbs
  • Saw a spark in my sister's eyes