Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An interesting exchange

IG to Dreamlvr: Thought you would enjoy a treatise on fabrics since you are sewing now.  which is your favorite material to work with?  I was devastated when I lost one of my purple cashmere socks.  I searched, and looked, and hunted, and tracked, but never found it.  I enjoy purple. I enjoy cashmere. I enjoy socks.  I'm ecstatic to have all 3 in the same combination.  I guess that puts me in the pornographic art dealing cohort. LOL

Dreamlvr to IG: I'm so sorry you lost your sock.  I know how desperate I felt when I couldn't find one of my vintage black velvet beaded gloves.  I found it, thank God.  Though I'm not sure that I would say that my love of velvet, beading and accessories is pornographic it's certainly very sensual. (I love "s" words for fabric and food...sexy, sumptuous, seductive, salacious)

I love sensual fabrics, stuff with texture, nap as it's called in the sewing world.  Velvet is one.  I also love brocades, rich, silky, heavy as Austrian curtains. You can hide things in brocade, like secrets in plain sight.  A black on black matte brocade with shiny exotic medallions is what I'll be wearing to AW's wedding.  

I also like cotton sateen and brushed cotton.  You don't see brushed cotton much anymore.  It has a nap like velvet, but it's not as carpet-like.  It's more like how a baby chicken feels, soft and feathery but with a dense look. I had a pair of brushed cotton jeans in red once.  I wore them on stage.  The had even more presence than I did.

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