Saturday, June 23, 2012

I've never understood people who enjoy going to amusement parks to ride the teacups. The interminable rotation of the teacups is nauseating and exhausting.  The person responsible for inventing them was probably thinking of some cruel revenge to exact on grade school bullies.  Proponents of this torture tell me they actually like the dizzy, woozy feeling it gives them.  I smile weakly, then furtively roll my eyes thinking that this is probably the type of person who would attend an ugly dog beauty contest.

You see, I prefer the rollercoasters that climb celestially high and then plummet at warp speed toward the ground. There is the excited anticipation during the ascent and then comes the moment of the drop.  The butterflies trapped in my belly suddenly go wild as the past is left behind and the carriage rumbles into another universe.  I love the feeling, bracing against the inertia, then completely releasing myself to gravity. It is an exquisite release of energy.  Over too soon, I disembark the carriage fighting the urge to stand in line for another ride.   

I'm a little dizzy and exhausted beacuse my mind's been swirling on a nonstop 360 degree ride. And I am not amused. 

I'm not angry, not discouraged, not even disappointed. 
But I find that I have to remind myself that soon this crazy spinning will come to a halt.  Soon I will get my bearings and my insides will settle down.  Soon I will regain my balance and walk away from the teacup ride never ever to return.

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