Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stacey's Top Ten May Favorites

10. Volunteering with World Vision at the Night of Hope.
9.  The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - I dream of sheep grazing on acres of verdant hills on our estate, El Refugio.
8.  Tied for this spot : Rediscovering Korean food and feeding my ice cream habit - Thank you to The Kimchi Chronicles, Razzle Ice Cream Shop, Maggie Moo's, Breyer's and Pinkberry (even though you're yogurt) and to my mother, who made it all possible.
7.  Finding out that I am "grat" and "nise" - Nothin' like lovin' from a first grader with a stapler and a No.2 pencil.
6.  Getting a Nook.
5.  Reading All that is Bitter and Sweet on said Nook- Ashley Judd's frighteningly beautiful memoir is engaging beyond expression.  It is definitely one to be read over and over.
4.  Getting a flood of new ideas for my book.
3.  Actually writing them down.
2.  Releasing my grip on the past to receive the gift of my future.
1. Finding "Oliver!" on Demand. -  "Oom pah pah!! Oom pah pah!! That's how it goes!" I absolutely cannot wait to read this and other classics to my bambini.

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