Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stacey's Top Ten January Favorites

10. Sophisticated. Chic. Jetset. Luxury.   I may be a lowly Michael Kors outlet sales associate, but when the scent of tuberose, tamarind and musk hit my olfactory nerves I am instantly sailing my yacht off the shores of Dubrovnik or hiking in the Italian Alps.

9.  Fashion magazines and artist markers, set of 100.  Childhood creativity and confidence at its best on a sheet of white posterboard.

8. An hour visiting Grammy. These can be trying times, but I know I would regret missing out on them.

7.  Seven year old boys in p.j's. "Stacey, can I have another cookie?" "Stacey, can you turn it to Spongebob?"

6.  Trivial Pursuit, Tri-Ominoes and Five Card Stud with the fam.  I love 'em.  What can I say?

5.  Arabian Nights before bed.  One day I will regale my children with the elaborate tales of Scheherazad. ( I'll just leave out a few of the nasty bits.)

4.  Doing the Cupid Shuffle at D's wedding.  Every time I do it I wonder why I don't do it more often.

3.  The Riley Boyfriend Watch by Fossil. How well does it tell time? I don't know. I keep getting distracted.

2.  Breakfast, brunch and dessert with AA. She knows the deal (and makes me keep up my end of it).

1.  Discovering the English Cut.  

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Angela said...

amazing. thanks for the mention. seriously, it means the world.

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