Monday, February 7, 2011

Start with what you have

I have been following a family in Pasadena, CA who has transformed their tiny city home into a micro farm, producing upwards of 6000 lbs. of food per year.  This is a version of the short film they made that has won several awards.  I posted just the trailer on facebook as they are selling the full length film (15:44) in order to help fund their work.  I found this shorter version of the film on the personal website of Jordanne Dervaes, daughter of the original Urban Homesteader, Jules Dervaes.

I can say so much about what kinds of changes my mind is beginning to embrace, but the real change is in the doing.  So starting with what I have, I am committing to grow 1% of my food for the remainder of 2011. That may seem like a small figure, but it's a huge undertaking. 
How much food do I really eat?   What will it take for me to grow it in the small backyard of my mom's rented town house?  What will I grow? How much will I have to adjust the way I eat?  Am I ready for all that?  Well, I'm giving myself a week to get it all figured out. 

Keep watching.

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